Rental Assistance Demonstration


RAD is a federal program offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It provides public housing authorities with a powerful tool to preserve and improve public housing properties.

Under the RAD program, GPDM can convert public housing to the Section 8 project-based voucher program. This will allow GDPM to obtain financing to:

  • Improve our aging properties
  • Invest in additional housing
  • Maintain affordable housing for the long term

GDPM has approximately 2,800 public housing units that it intends to convert over a ten year period. The total investment will be more than $500 million.

RAD and Existing Residents

Current and future residents are provided a robust set of rights and protections, including:

  • consultation during the conversion process
  • the right to return to the property when repairs are completed
  • the right to organize and funding for organizing

Additionally, GDPM intends to maintain ownership and management of almost all of the converted properties.


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More Information


GDPM's RAD Hotline: (937) 910-5444
GDPM's RAD Email: