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The Housing Choice Voucher Program is in the process of adjusting over 4,000 active clients payment standards to 120% per HUD’s approval. This change is effective 11-1-2022 where permissible. The owner and the tenant will be receiving a notice of rent adjustment for any changes.

Making Homes Available Throughout Montgomery County.

A Variety of Options

We also partner with many organizations to help you achieve a more financially stable future. People of all ages, genders, orientations, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds are welcome here.

We offer a wide selection of quality housing options, including duplexes, family friendly complexes, and high-rise apartments. Many of our properties include energy-efficient features, accessible units, and environmentally friendly construction. All of our residences are smoke-free.


Housing Choice
Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program helps low-income individuals and families, the elderly, and people with disabilities pay rent in the private market.

Participants may select where they live. However, the units must meet our quality standards. This ensures our voucher clients have a safe and satisfactory place to call home.

Applying for housing for the Housing Choice Voucher Program is currently closed.



We provide high-quality rental housing for eligible low-income families, individuals, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Our aim is to offer housing that is as good as or better than other rental units.

We hold more than 2,700 units in 73 developments across the county.


Improving Neighborhoods

Rental Assistance
Demonstration (RAD)

We want housing to be a choice for low and moderate-income individuals and families.

We also want to preserve public housing options for Montgomery County residents. The RAD program is helping us do both.


Improving Neighborhoods

Choice Neighborhood
Planning Program

The Choice Neighborhood Planning Program is transforming West Dayton’s most distressed neighborhoods into robust, thriving communities.

The program’s three core goals address housing, people, and neighborhoods.


Economic Opportunity

Jobs Plus

Jobs Plus is connecting residents of DeSoto Bass Courts and Hilltop Homes with a brighter future.

This program provides life coaching, soft-skills training, career counseling, and related services. Rental rates are frozen for participants.


Economic Opportunity

Resident Services/FSS

FSS is a path to financial self-sufficiency. Participants create and work toward five-year plans. Along the way, they can get help with meeting their goals, including job training, computer access, childcare, and more.

The program is open to both public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher clients.


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