Our Funding

The federal government funds Public Housing, which is property GDPM owns, maintains and manages, through two main streams:  (1) The Public Housing Operating Fund, which is intended to cover the gap between the rents that public housing tenants pay and the developments’ operating costs (such as maintenance and security); and (2) the Public Housing Capital Fund, which funds renovation of developments and replacement of items such as appliances and heating and cooling equipment.

The federal government funds GDPM’s Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) through Housing Assistant Payments, which is intended to pay rent directly to landlords to subsidize tenant rent; and Administrative Fees, which covers operations of the HCV program.

Other funds are available for special programs, including: Community Initiatives/Family Self-Sufficiency participants, which is a HUD program designed to help public housing residents; Housing Choice Voucher participants, and residents of multi-family assisted housing to increase earnings, and build assets and financial capability.

Low Income Tax Credits funds major Capital Projects for Public Housing.

The Jobs Plus Grant Initiative Program provides employment-related services.  Grantees offer employment-related services to residents with a range of employment needs including work-readiness training, employer linkages, financial counseling, educational advancement, job placement, and employment counseling.