Board Meeting Information

The Greater Dayton Premier Management Board of Commissioners consists of one Chairperson, one Vice-Chairperson, four Commissioners and one Resident Commissioner. Board members are appointed by the Montgomery County Commissioners, the Mayor of Dayton, the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas and the Montgomery County Probate Court.

REGULAR BOARD MEETINGS are held on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 1:30 Greater Dayton Premier Management, 400 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, Ohio.

2021 Regular Board Meeting Dates
Annual Board Meetings Held In July

  • January 20, GDPM Board Meeting
  • February 17, GDPM Board Meeting
  • March 17, GDPM Board Meeting
  • April 21, GDPM Board Meeting/Public Hearing GDPM Annual Plan
  • May 19, GDPM Board Meeting
  • June 16, GDPM Board Meeting
  • July 21, GDPM Board Meeting/Annual Board Meetings
  • August 18, GDPM Board Meeting
  • September 15, GDPM Board Meeting
  • October 20, GDPM Board Meeting
  • November 17, GDPM Board Meeting
  • December 15, GDPM Board Meeting

Additions or changes in date, time, or location are added to the website when appropriate

Board of Housing Commissioners

  • Brian Dershem, Chairman
  • Michele Roberts, Vice-Chairperson
  • Wilburt O. Shanklin
  • Sister Rose Wildenhaus
  • Lola Smith
  • Brian Weaver
  • Paster Sherry Gale
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