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Housing Choice Voucher Landlord

How to become a Housing Choice Landlord

The Housing Choice Voucher Program in Montgomery County is managed by Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority. A Housing Choice Voucher gives individuals and families an opportunity to choose where they would like to reside in our community. These individuals and families choose from the existing supply on the private rental market. HUD provides the funding and provides general guidelines for the program.

The voucher subsidy is available for single-family houses, doubles, duplexes, apartments, condos, farms, and mobile homes. The program provides direct contact and a lease between the owner tenant. The owner may use the same selection criteria as for private market tenants.

The owner continues as a private property owner in all respects, plus they receive the additional security of the voucher subsidy paid directly to them by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The tenant's portion is a percentage of their net household income. A security deposit of up to one month's rent may be charged and is paid by the tenant.

An owner may evict a tenant for good cause, the same as a private market tenant. Proper written notice to the tenant and the Housing Choice Voucher department

When a tenant seeks to rent a unit, they will have all the necessary "paperwork" to initiate the process, including:

  • Voucher
    • This verifies the tenant's eligibility in the program and the number of bedrooms for which they are qualified.
  • Request for Tenancy Approval
    • This is a packet of forms to be completed by the owner and signed by the owner and tenant. The paperwork is not excessive and only takes a short time to complete. We encourage the tenant to personally deliver the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) packet to our Housing Choice Voucher office located at 400 Wayne Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45410.

When the tenant returns the RTA packet to our office, the process begins...

How the process works

As part of the determination of unit eligibility, the following steps must be completed before the owner receives the voucher subsidy for the unit:


  • The tenant must locate a unit that they desire to occupy for one year or longer. The owner and tenant must complete the "Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) and submit it to  Housing Choice Voucher office.


  • The Housing Choice Voucher department will review the rent requested by the owner to determine if it falls within program guidelines. If the requested rent exceeds program guidelines, we will notify the owner and tenant, in writing, of the maximum amount that we will approve. If the owner will not accept the rent, the tenant will be notified to resume their housing search. If the rent submitted is within the program guidelines, the process continues.


  • The Housing Choice Voucher department will schedule an inspection of the unit for compliance with our "Housing Quality Standards" (HQS.) The owner and tenant will be issued a copy of the inspection report. If there are items in need of repair or correction, the owner will be given 30 days to do so. If the owner decides not to make the repairs, the Housing Choice Voucher office is to be notified so the tenant may resume their housing search.


  • Once the inspectors have verified that all repairs are completed, a leasing appointment is scheduled approximately one week after the approved inspection. At this appointment, a lease is signed by the owner and tenant. A Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract is also reviewed and signed by the owner.


  • The effective date of the lease and contract determines when payment is effective. To receive the first Housing Assistance Payment, The Housing Choice Voucher department must have:
    • Approved unit inspection;
    •  An orginal Lease and contract signed by owner and tenant;
    • Proof of ownership and proof of paid taxes or current repayment agreement for property taxes.

Owner Responsibilities

  • Comply with Fair Housing laws and be consistent with tenant selection criteria.
  • Comply with all terms and conditions of the lease with the tenant.
  • Comply with all terms and conditions of the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract with the Housing Choice Voucher Program.
  • Maintain current property taxes.
  • Maintain property and make repairs in a timely manner.
  • Give tenant proper notice before entering the unit.
  • Allow tenant "peaceful enjoyment of the property."
  • Report any illegal activities to the proper authorities and the Housing Choice Voucher department.
  • f lease renewal is not desired, give proper written notice to the tenant and the  Housing Choice Voucher department.

Program Benefits

Owner Benefits

One of the reasons for Housing Choice Voucher Program's success is that our property owners have taken the time to learn the program rules and recognize the benefits of becoming a participant. Over the years, many owners and property managers have come to appreciate the advantages of having a contracted monthly assistance payment, as well as inspection standards. Keeping your property consistently well maintained helps to ensure its resale value and also makes it easier to "lease up" again, if a tenant does move out.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program has introduced many novice property owners to key property management principles in the areas of tenant selection, tenant retention, and lease enforcement. It has also helped some landlords to develop better building maintenance skills.

Tenant Benefits

The program has remained successful because it provides individuals and families with the opportunity to choose the type of rental unit and neighborhood that meets their needs. Unlike project-based assisted housing programs, tenants can take their voucher with them. This flexibility has enables many individual and families to pursue employment and educational opportunities, and to move out of unsafe neighborhoods. Owner participation is essential to making these opportunities a reality.

How to become a Housing Choice Voucher Owner

If you are interested in becoming a participating owner with the Housing Choice Voucher program, please contact the Rent Reasonableness Coordinator at 910.5485. The Coordinator will record some basic information regarding the property. That information will be posted on our website in the unit search section for families who are looking for housing.  Please keep in mind that the families have been determined eligible based on their income and criminal background check. It is the owner's responsibility to screen the families who contact you for suitability. Once you have approved a family for rental of your unit, they will have the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed to start the process.

How Are Rents Approved

Once a family has selected a unit that they would like to rent, the family and the landlord will complete a Request for Tenancy Approval packet. Once this packet has been completed and returned to the Housing Choice Voucher department, the process begins.


  • The address of the selected unit is entered into our data base.
  • The data base will provide us with unassisted comparable units in the same census track.
  • The landlord's contract rent and utilities must not be higher than an unassisted comparable.
  • If the rent is reasonable, the process continues.


  • The family's share may not exceed 40% of the family's monthly-adjusted income when the family initially moves into the unit or signs the first assisted lease for a unit.
  • If the family is not over their 40% amount the process continues.


  • If the unit meets both tests of rent reasonableness and the family's 40% amount, the rent is approved and the unit is scheduled for inspection.


  • If the unit does not meet both tests, the landlord and tenant will be informed that the rent needs to be lowered. If the landlord agrees to lower the rent the unit will be scheduled for inspection.
  • If the landlord does not agree to lower the rent, the family will be scheduled to come into the Housing Choice Voucher office to get another Request for Tenancy Approval packet to continue their housing search.